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Relocating During Covid-19

Wondering what it takes to make a move from the city during Covid-19? There is no surprise Peterborough and the Kawarthas has seen a large influx of buyers coming out of the GTA. This has been the case since 2017, but nothing has driven the demand as hard as the...

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Cheddar Buns

Cheese buns are a lunchbox favourite for my kids. They tried store bought pizza buns, and didn't like the sauce. They tried the pizza like-garlic cheese buns from the bakery bin instead and thought they were just so-so. The plain cheese roll, they like. Damn picky...

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Cooked Apples in the Summer Time

So, I typically make this recipe in the fall, and much like the ad for Frank's Red Hot, I put this *stuff* on everything.. But its Summertime, and I bought some local pork chops from my friend Anthony's locally grown food store, The Food Shop in downtown Peterborough...

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A Father’s Day Tale

It’s the morning of Father’s Day and my two children (9 year old daughter and 5 year old son) are super excited to spend the day with me. I’m just as excited as they are, cause I know exactly what’s on the agenda. It’s the same routine each year and I absolutely love...

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