So, trick-or-treating will likely be pretty lame this year with many homes opting to not open their doors to the neighbourhood.. I think my kiddos will likely hit a few select neighbour friends houses and then turn in their candy for cleaning. (If the coffee crisp bars don’t make it past Mom’s sanitizing station, will anyone notice??!)

But if you’re opting for a quiet night at home with kids, here are a few ideas to amp up the fun-factor:

Haunted Hunt

Think eerie easter egg hunt. Gather the kids in the living room to watch a spooky movie (suggestions later in this post). When they’re not looking, hide treats around the house. Make them a little obvious as you might not want to find melted mars bars when you’re putting up your Christmas decorations. When their show is done, dim the lights way down, play a spooky song, and let them loose for a haunted hunt. If they can handle it, play haunted house music in their candy graveyard. (YouTube Link – scary) For the younger crowd not up for a scare, think Monster Mash party music (YouTube Link – not so scary) Glow in the dark eggs are optional!

Halloween Dinner

Have the kids involved in making a fun themed dinner. If you get creative, you don’t need any special ingredients. If you’re feeling lost for ideas, check out Pinterest for some Scary Supper Suggestions. Pinterest Halloween Theme Dinner Ideas¬†


Drawing Tutorials – For kids of all ages. There are so many online, here is one to get started: Haunted House Drawing Tutorial
Grab an iPad and some colouring supplies and this will kill 15-20 minutes while Mom and Dad do the dishes.

Movie Marathon

Some family-friendly suggestions for what to watch:

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown (I never loved this but it’s a cult classic, 1966)
Hocus Pocus (our top choice for 2020)
The Witches (Based on the Book. Was re-made this year but not released yet, but the original is great)
Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit
Casper (Sooooo 90’s Ha!)
Addams Family (2019 animated movie will appeal more to the kids versus the 1991 original)
The House With a Clock In Its Walls
Goosebumps (2015) Jack Black.. classic!
Toy Story of Terror
Hotel Transylvania (#1, 2, or 3)
Monster House (Always on our list)
Corpse Bride
The Nightmare Before Christmas
Ghostbusters (You think they won’t like it but they will – my son(7) and nephew(4) LOVE it)
E.T. (This scared me as a kid but my sister loved it)
Harry Potter (not Halloween, but if you haven’t introduced the series to your kids yet this may be a good time!)

Other Ideas to Inspire

Costume Parade, Costume Zoom Meeting, Toilet Paper Mummy Wrapping, or Halloween Scavenger Hunt!

Got to get out of the house??

Trunk-or-Treat – Fill the trunk with cob webs and candy and drive to friends and family’s homes to deliver a socially distanced scare outside. Reverse trick-or-treating where the candy comes to you! Or set up a trunk or treat car decorating contest with friends and meet in a nearby lot for a socially distanced costume tail gate.

Costume Bicycle Parade – In the afternoon hours kids can don their costumes and ride the street together as long as their suit is suitable. Masks no, helmets yes. And this is best kept for daylight!


Whatever you do this Halloween, please keep your family safe, and socially distanced. We want Halloween to be fun-scary, not scary-scary. Keep warm, keep well, and have a Wicked Good Time!

– Jessica Hill

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