Looking for some R&R at a new Waterfront property?

“Beautiful four season waterfront home/cottage with weed free swimmable water on Pigeon Lake”.

Does this sound familiar to you? If you’ve been actively looking for a waterfront property, I’m pretty sure you have read some variation of that statement. In many cases, I’d argue that it’s nothing more than a sales pitch.

Many of the water bodies along the Trent-Severn Waterway are rich in nutrients and naturally support a diverse aquatic plant community. These lakes are often classified as being Mesotrophic – having a medium depth, clear waters, beds of submerged aquatic plants and medium levels of nutrients. Generally speaking they are usually good for fishing and support a wide variety of fish species. (e.g. Buckhorn Lake and Stony Lake)

The other two Lake types found in Ontario are Oligotrophic, and Eutrophic. An Oligotrophic Lake is generally deeper, has minimal aquatic plant growth, low nutrient levels, and supports cold-water fish species such as trout and whitefish. (e.g. Haliburton Lakes, Canadian shield Lakes) A Eutrophic Lake would be the exact opposite; shallow, high level of nutrients, abundant vegetation and frequent algae blooms, and supports warm-water fish species such as bass and panfish. (e.g. Rice Lake and Scugog Lake)

Influences from various human activities can accelerate the eutrophication of Lakes by introducing excessive amounts of nutrients (phosphorus). This causes an increased growth of aquatic plants (weeds), algae blooms, fish kills. It also creates a less “desirable” waterfront.

There is no easy, environmentally friendly way to control the growth of aquatic weeds.

There are methods you can use to try and control weeds. Most are labour intensive, some are expensive, and only some are legal. Did you know that you require a permit from the Trent-Severn Waterway in order to carry out aquatic plant control activities on waterbodies under their jurisdiction? As a buyer, that’s certainly something I’d want to know about. The former Biologist in me appreciates the fragile eco-system happening in your waterbody, and the Realtor in me understands your desire for an attractive and swimmable shoreline.

When searching for your ideal family cottage, don’t get caught-up in the well written sales pitches. Every waterfront in the Kawarthas seems to have the same description, but trust me, they’re not all perfect. Do your homework on Realtors that are local to the area that you want to buy in. A Realtor claiming to be a waterfront specialist should have the knowledge and skills to make sure your vision become your reality at the right property – not just the one they’re trying to sell. Choosing a waterfront cottage property that’s the right fit for your family should include a good look at the land, the geography, the waterbody, the shoreline, and the cottage itself. The are many other variables that should also be taken into account. Afterall, you’re looking to create a lifetime of memories, just ensure they are positive ones.

Call Jeff Park from Bowes and Cocks Limited Brokerage in Lakefield, ON to buy or sell your next waterfront property in the Kawarthas. We’ve been a trusted local name in waterfront properties for over 60 years, and with me, you get a former Biologist from the Trent-Severn Waterway as well as a Realtor. My expertise is a valuable resource to my clients and my team and I ensure there is always someone available to help you.

For more information on weed control or maintaining your shoreline, feel free to give me a call – Jeff Park (705) 868-4582.

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