Grab the Toboggans – It’s Family Day in Peterborough

As I lift my mug for that first sip of my morning coffee, I can hear the kids in the Livingroom already scheming up a plan of what we will be doing on our Family Day in Peterborough. What’s a Dad to do? Stay clear, stay quiet, enjoy my coffee in peace and wait for their proposal.

A few sips and a news article later, I hear them coming and they are excited to share with me. I’m fully prepared and expecting a proposal that’s way over the top and probably not possible to pull off in a week let alone a single day. I now have two excited kids in front of me, talking over each other, both of which are using their outside voices. I think I was able to pull out some of the key points of their proposal and much to my surprise, they only had one activity on their agenda. One activity that I was more than happy to oblige……we are going toboggining! Where you may ask, why the Zoo of course. Let’s just say that I don’t think my two kids are ready just yet to take on the King of all hills in Peterborough, Armour Hill.

With the saucers and crazy carpets all loaded up and one final “Do either of you need to use the bathroom?” It was time to head out and hit the slope. With small children, we’ve always enjoyed going to the hill at the Zoo. It’s a gradually sloped hill of a decent size, adequate parking and City staff install bumpers around potential hazards (posts and trees). After a couple of hours of family fun and tired little legs, it was time to call it a day.

Every family tobogganing trip is capped off with rosey cheeks and a trip to the Water Street Tim Hortons for hot cocoa. We share laughs and stories of our best runs of the day. I’m glad that Dad’s big wipeout was the butt of the kids jokes, I’m standing here wondering if I can sit long enough to drive everyone home.

Sharing experiences and making memories with my kids, that’s what its all about. We love this City……..but in our house it’s called Peterborough Town.